Fuel Types

To get the most out of your lantern, Britelyt recommends Kerosene!


The recommended fuel type for the BriteLyt Lantern, as you can expect up to 12 hours of burn time, and get full candle-power.

Mineral Spirits

An efficient and clean burning option to power your BriteLyt lantern!

Citronella Oil

Keep those pesky bugs away! Utilize the power of the BriteLyt Lantern by burning Citronella Oil mixture, the standard for repelling bugs & insects with ease. Keep a bug-free campsite! Simply mix with any other fuel and you’re ready to go! (See Operating Guidelines)

Lamp Oils

Lamp oil is another great option to power your BriteLyt lantern. Worldwide lamp oil has differing definitions however. If you are using lamp oil in the USA often times it will contain paraffin wax. If you are using a lamp oil with wax as an ingredient it is recommended that you dilute the mixture with a more volatile fuel. (See Operating Guidelines)

Diesel Fuels / Biofuels

In survival or emergency situations this is a very efficient solution and can be an affordable one as well. It is recommended you mix these fuels for optimal operation. (See Operating Guidelines)

Motor Oil / Vegetable Oil

BriteLyt lanterns can also run on an oil mixture which can also be a very affordable option for fuel. When burning heavy oils you must mix in a 50/50 mixture with a more volatile fuel. (See Operating Guidelines)

And Many More!
Read Complete Multiple Fuel Operating Guidelines

*Some fuels require mixing. See operating manual for details or Contact us with any questions.